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Candy Tops was founded in 1984, and almost 30 years later we’re one of the largest sugar confectionery manufacturers in South Africa, delivering our sweet treats to many countries in Southern Africa.

Indulge in the sweetest sensations our wide range of sugar confectionery has to offer. Our boiled sweets range from affordable, delicious Cool Green candy, to the indulgent, soft-centered Secrets range. Our toffee capabilities are legendary, and our top quality toffees range from our heritage brand, Champion Toffees, to chewy, gooey slabs, to premium, exotic flavoured soft toffees.

Our lollies and bubblegum ranges offer novelty value and tasty treats for sticky little fingers, while our mint capabilities allow us to create smooth, cool mints for both the catering markets and the more discerning sweet eater. From hard candies to soft toffees, smooth mints to bright bubblegum, there’s sure to be a flavour to make your taste-buds dance!